Sunday, July 02, 2006

Home again, home again, jiggedy jog

You'all didn't know it, but I was out of town for three days last week.
DD, Stephanie, decided that she had reached maximum pain level and went to the ER Tuesday night (after working all day, no less). Diagnosis: Inflammed gall bladder with large gallstone stuck. Cure: Surgery to remove said offending organ which happened Wednesday at 3 pm. I went up early Wednesday morning, spent the day at the hospital with Steph and her DH, Aaron. Then followed Aaron to his sister's to pick up AJ and then their home. Spent Wednesday & Thursday night. Steph came home Thursday morning. Aaron had to go to work, so I had the tough job of taking care of a 2-1/2 year old grandson. He understands owie, but not that he couldn't climb into Mommy's lap. We had a grand time anyway. As of today, Steph is feeling much better, even stretching out the time between vicodin tablets. She'll go back to the doctor on Wednesday, hopefully to get released to go back to work. Medicine is truly amazing nowadays.

Here's my contribution for the upcoming Fourth of July Celebration. This little quilt was a Thimbleberries pattern that appeared in a magazine back in the early/mid 90's. I made it in one day -- just loved it. Been planning to make another sometime but never got around to it.

Finn has a patriotic picture on her blog of a little boy and dog waving flags. I was talking to Stephanie yesterday afternoon and she was telling me about the parade yesterday morning in their little town in WI. AJ was loving the police cars and fire trucks, sirens and lights flashing, and all the candy that he and his sister and her friend got to chase after. And then the color guard came by (I'm assuming it was veterans, possibly of Viet Nam, Korea and WWII because she said it was "older guys" (vbg) and she's 30, so it's all relative, don'tcha know!). Anyway, Aaron has been teaching AJ how to salute and when the color guard came by, he saluted them and they actually stopped in front of him and turned and saluted him back! How reminiscent of John-John can you get? And, of course, no video camera because Aaron had to be in charge of 3 kids and make sure Steph was comfortable, so he forgot it! Oh well -- I'm proud my kids are raising proud Americans.


1. Stephanie is on the mend -- I hate when my kids are ill.
2. I'm grateful for the bond AJ and I have. My daughter missed out on having a grandmother close to her, because my mom's Alzheimer's was fairly advanced by the time Steph was 3.
3. We had dinner with old friends on Friday night -- they called out of the blue on Tuesday. Really nice to get together. I'm not the only one that wants to stay in touch with old friends and family.
4. I'm proud of my husband, he's a WWII Navy veteran. He served in the South Pacific.
5. I'm grateful for cell phones -- they let me update both of Steph's brothers and Dad while she was in hospital/undergoing surgery/recovering.


Nines said...

So glad that you are home, again, and that your DD is mending. I had my gallbladder out, when I was 27, and I am still kickin'! It's wonderful that you have AJ and a close relationship building between you. Priceless.

anne bebbington said...

Gall bladder removal used to be such an undertaking not that long ago - thank goodness for the wonders of keyhole surgery - hope she's right on form very soon. Lucky to have a 'drop everything and come running' mom like you :o)

ForestJane said...

Glad she's recovering so quickly!

And I love the little rabbit and mini quilt. :)

Screen Door said...

I'm thankful your daughter in on the mend. Enjoy the fourth. Love the quilt and bunny.


Cathi said...

Love the quilt and glad to hear that your daughter is on the mend. Love the flag quilts from a previous post too!

Bonnie said...

Cute little patriotic quilt.

How nice that you could go help your daughter and her family while she was recovering.

JudyL said...

Glad your daughter is doing well after surgery.

Judy L.