Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

This was just a quick challenge a few years ago to make a patriotic quilt using up some scraps from a different quilt.

No - we don't use the binoculars to spy on our neighbors! vbg We live in the country -- every now and then we can see a few deer across the road and way back towards the woods, plus we can't always see the flag on the mailbox to tell whether the mail is here or not! It's quite annoying to walk all the way out to the mailbox and back to the house to turn around and have the mail truck go by!

I haven't done my monthly update for June: I don't think I finished any ufo's last month at all. Shame on me. Will have to get busy! I bought fabric -- but most of it was backgrounds. I did enroll in a BOM at my lqs, but it's a $5 BOM, so if I manage to keep up, the quilt will only cost me $5 plus use my stash!


1. I'm grateful for our freedoms in the US -- I was just thinking about this yesterday -- I believe God put us on this planet with the intention of us being free. His are the only rules we need to live by.

2. Stephanie is resting and healing.

3. My hollyhocks are blooming along with the daisies, coneflowers and lilies -- what a riot of color.


Vicky said...

What a lovely little quilt!

I giggled when I saw your binoculars because we had a pair handy, too. Dad loved to watch deer and rabbits and squirrels, so they were always sitting on the window sill.


quiltpixie said...

everyone I know who lives outside the city has binocolours handy, there's enough wildlife if nothing else to warrent their being present...

ForestJane said...

Nice little quilt!

I keep meaning to put some coneflowers and daisies in my yard, I love things that come back without having to replant! The only thing I have blooming now is daylilies.

Bonnie said...

Cute little quilt - and a nice table topper. Happy 4th.

Linda C. said...

Good luck on your $5 quilt. They are so much fun to do. I have been on track with a Christmas BOM, but will miss the last meeting, so double my investment! That's a joke . . . each month I spent at least another $10 getting extra fat quarters of each fabric, so I'll have plenty to complete the borders and set. I'll be in Virginia following DS's surgery to repair a hernia. Maybe I can be successful with the next BOM, scheduled to be tea pots.