Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Different views of the same bed of daffodils. They started blooming Monday, this picture was taken Tuesday and today they are a riot of blooms. This bed is in our front yard. I love daffodils!

This is the same bed, but the opposite end. That's JR doing guard duty while I snapped the pictures -- just in case he had to protect me from anything! The daffodils above that haven't opened yet are tiny ones -- both white and yellow. They'll be opening soon. There's also daylilies and brownberry lilies in this bed along with early tulips, Virginia Bluebells and some wood violets and some ferns I dug up from the woods and transplanted, among other things!


1. Daffodils - I love their bright flowers early in the spring - such a promise they bring.
2. JR - if I'm outside, he stays by my side instead of off with Bill.
3. 70° temps finally!
4. The phoebes are back picking the site for their new nest -- looks like the same spot over the thermometer on the back porch, right in front of the kitchen window so we get to watch the progress of the babies.


Finn said...

Wow...they are soooo beautiful Joanne! Makes me miss mine all the more...but thank you for sharing..I love daffodils also. How could a person be unhappy with such color in their life???

Laurie said...

OH...that is a very springlike flower bed!!!! thanks for sharing!

Jeanne said...

Pretty pretty! Wish I was there in Illinois!
Jeanne :)

ForestJane said...

Beautiful daffodils!

Is there a difference between daffodils and jonquils? Here in Memphis, ours aren't blooming anymore, but the iris are showing huge buds, and I can hardly wait.

Those add such nice color to your yard. Cute dog too!

Tracey said...

Joanne, thank you for sharing those pics! I too love daffodils. They say "spring" like nothing else!

Mary said...

Pretty flowers - mine have come and gone already but the dogwoods are in bloom!

Dona said...

I love daffodils too. Mine aren't even budding yet, just green leaves poking out of the ground. 42 degrees here today.

Laura said...

I am just a state east of you and my daffodils are not even close to blooming. I am thankful for the 70 degree temps also, just last weekend it was below freezing. What a difference a week makes.