Friday, April 07, 2006

Catchin' up

The Nickel Pinwheels Quilt is finished (and has been for a week!). The second picture is the back of the quilt and the closeup shows a little of the quilting I did on the pinwheel blocks (just a flower loop on the short part and a double flower loop on the longer leg). I had started quilting this on the Handiquilter and didn't like what I was doing, so took it off, frog stitched the whole thing, sammiched and basted and did the quilting on my Bernina. Wasn't too bad -- just did ditch quilting on the sashes and free hand on the pinwheels themselves.

Today I played.....pulled a bunch of scraps, cut 3-7/8" squares and made a bunch of half square triangles, then put 4 of the Depression Blocks Finn was doing earlier in the week together. I love how the 4 blocks together make a negative block. (I'll take pictures tomorrow). Then I spent another hour cutting more scrap fabrics into squares, so I can make hst's whenever I sit down at the machine and in between other projects. This one is definitely a winner in my book and I don't think it'll be too long before I have a completed top - they are 12" finished blocks!

I also spent a little time hand sewing the binding on another ufo -- that should be finished tomorrow also -- I'll need to recharge the camera's batteries! vbg

I also hope to get my Buck A Block made tomorrow and hopefully put the borders on Tulip Farm -- I did pull the fabrics for those today -- just need to cut, piece and attach!

All in all -- starting today, this is going to be a quilty weekend! I decided against going to the International Quilt Festival in Rosemont this year, so I'll spend the days sewing instead!


1. Getting a new satellite dish service - I can get Simply Quilts and the Food Network now!
2. Chocolate bunnies.
3. Garlic and herb shrimp for dinner.
4. Making up with Bill after yesterday's silly spat.
5. Spending the day sewing.


dot said...

Nice looking quilt, both front and back. Thanks for sharing.

ForestJane said...

Just curious... nickel pinwheels because... 5 fabrics? or maybe 5 inch blocks?

And buck a block - lemme think. Bargain bin dollar per FQ fabric? or, if a nickel pinwheel is 5 inches, then a buck block would be ...10 inches square?

I've sewn all my life, but I'm fairly new to quilting. :) But I love all the colors and motion in the pinwheels, front AND back.

A curious Jane

Linda_J said...

good use of scraps, those nickels. Looks great--front and back, Joanne. Sounds like you were not quite done playing with squares either.

Sharon said...

I'm afraid to start on my nickel squares - afraid that I will end up with enough pennies to fill another scrap bin.

Love the quilting - you did good!

Finn said...

Morning Joanne, good to see a post from you again!! *VBS* I always miss you when you are gone..*S*

Love the pinwheels, front and back! Great job on using up those guys!! The quilts looks nice too!

So happy someone else likes that block called Depression..*VBS* I'm a sucker for those multi scrap ones...and it goes together fast, a good pick up piecing project. Did you notice if you reverse the placement(of the HST's) you can get a dark center intead of a light one? In the upper right corner, just turn it so the light triangle is "out" and the dark one is "in"...kind of fun that way too.I look forward to seeing your play time..Hugs, Finn

Pam's Creative Mind said...

Joanne, very nice! love the way the color blends so well together.

cher said...

this quilt came out great.

Holly said...

The back of your nickel pinwheels is just as pretty as the front!