Friday, March 31, 2006

The end of the month

Ah - the end of March. Windy, a little rainy, a little sunny this morning -- guess March is going out like a lion -- it did come in like a lamb in these whereabouts if I remember correctly.

Resolution update: I think I did fairly well on the purchase of fabric -- mostly I bought background fabrics, with a few fqs or half yard pieces for specific quilts.

I have managed to make the backings and bindings and labels of the new quilts I made. Still have to deal with ufo's that don't have the backings or bindings or labels made ahead of time!

UFO's: I actually finished two because the blue/green baby quilt was a kit I had made up last year (and I was thanking myself profusely for doing this when I needed a baby boy quilt and really didn't feel like making one -- so nice to just pull it out of the drawer and put it together!). I also finished the Nickel Pinwheel Quilt -- and I found the original label I had made for it back in January (it was hidden among the book/magazine mess I had in DD's old room! - Amazing what you find when you clean things out!). Still need to get a picture taken!

Looking ahead, I started quilting another ufo today, so it will be finished in April - ahead of the game for that month!

Went back to the library today to take back the Sandra Brown book I didn't like, and Catch 22 -- I listened to 3 discs of that one and I found myself completely annoyed with the writing and with the reader -- the voices he was using for each of the characters was truly annoying. If I'd been reading it myself, I think I would have still put it aside -- did not really enjoy it at all.
So, picked up 3 today -- two Danielle Steel books, and Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. Listened to the first two tapes of Johnny Angel today while quilting (and can't wait to hear the ending!).


1. Starting the day with sunshine after a rain last night.
2. The grass is starting to green up and we have one tree that has leaf buds on it.
3. Making a bridge date for tomorrow night - even though it'll be at our house so I won't have time to quilt tomorrow!


cher said...

great progress on your ufos...and kits are such a head start..thanks for reminding me.

Laurie said...

Ahead of the game for April...that's a good feeling! ;o) Enjoy your bridge date tomorrow...sounds like fun!