Sunday, March 19, 2006


Visited with my grandson today -- what a joy he is -- and starting to talk really well now -- he repeats every word for you.
Also got to visit with his parents and a bonus visit by our son, Steve. All in all, a good day trip.
We hauled half a truck full of daughter's stuff from the attic steps in her closet that I finally got cleaned out yesterday. The builders actually added the steps to the attic in her walk-in closet, and made them wide, deep and tall specifically so that teenage girl could put stuff on them! That teenage girl is now 30 and it was time to finally get the rest of her stuff out of the closet! We also picked up a treasure for me -- a treadle sewing machine that her in-laws were getting rid of. It's now in my garage waiting to get cleaned up and brought into the house!
I still have a mess of quilt books and magazines dumped in the middle of her bedroom floor -- but everything else is cleaned! I've been sorting through my old quilts and am pulling some to give to the kids -- I have plenty and have plenty more to finish, so it's time to reduce the stacks! This is the first one that will be going -- this is a true leader/ender quilt that I made while I worked on three or four other projects. Until I had all the blocks done -- then I finished this quilt! I did this one a few years ago. (It's draped over my hand quilting frame that has had a quilt on it for at least a year that I have yet to put a stitch into -- shame on me! I keep it covered with a sheet so it doesn't fade!)


Melzie said...

Very pretty! Whats the name of this quilt? =) xoxo Melzie

Carolyn said...

This quilt is gorgeous...quilts in patriotic colors have really appealed to me lately. Nice work!

Mary said...

Pretty quilt. Good deal on the machine too.

cher said...

nice quilt..those bonus quilts are so great...and it will surely be loved by whoever gets it!