Friday, March 17, 2006


This is what my week has consisted of! I'm "spring cleaning" my DD's old room -- which has actually been turned into a quilts and other things catchall. I've cleaned all around the room now, including washing windows and curtains, vacuuming walls, ceilings and beams (a real joy to living in a log home -- most of the walls don't need to be washed, and they never have to be painted -- just vacuumed now and then, and the woodwork cleaned, of course). What is left, is the semi-empty bookcase, and the entire center of the room has quilt books and magazines dumped on it. I am slowly sorting through them each night, some will return to the bookcase, some will go to DD's for her to sell for me on ebay, and the magazines will be ruthlessly purged after I tear out what I want to keep! The rest of the magazines are shown on the shelves in the walk-in closet that I started to clean today -- it is a storage area of wrapping paper, quilt hoops, luggage, and various and sundry items -- a whole bunch of which got moved out to head up to DD's this weekend -- enough storing of her stuff, it's time to declutter!

The little birds wallhanging was made by a friend of mine. We both took this applique class, but obviously, she finished her project, and I have not finished mine! I hung this on the clean wall in DD's room! I have also sorted a large stack of quilts and some of them are also leaving my house for my kids' houses -- it's time!


Dawn said...

Oh look at what you got done! I sure haven't gotten any spring cleaning done!

Laurie said...

Awesome job! That is a lot of spring cleaning! You rock!!!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Now, that is what I call Spring Cleaning!!! Looking good.



Mary said...

Look at the books - I have stacks of quilt books (and others) all over the house since they will no longer fit in the bookcase downstairs in my studio. (And I like having them to flip through too). Maybe it's time to clean off some shelves and organize them again. I just hate to lose time organizing.