Thursday, March 02, 2006

The end of the day

Well, I spent the day frog stitching the quilt I took off the handiquilter -- just don't like the stitching and don't want to ruin the quilt, so will redo it. I needed a non-thinking task today -- I've got that dang cold Bill and AJ and everyone else in the world has had (way too many have turned to bronchitis, so should feel lucky just to have the cold!). Listened to Predator by Patricia Cornwell (well, the first two of 9 CD's!) I've read all her Kay Scarpetta books except this one and loved most of them. A couple of years ago she wrote Blow Fly and I have to say it was the worst book she's ever written -- it was gross and disgusting and it seemed to have been written in a hurry and like she wanted to prove to everyone that she originated the medical examiner stuff before tv shows like CSI ever came about. And then she ended it abruptly. I hated it. So much so, that I was afraid to read Trace, but it actually wasn't too bad. But Blow Fly really left a bad taste in my mouth, so I haven't been in any hurry to read Predator, so I decided I'd try it out with the audio books. So far, not too bad - still have about 8 hours to listen to though!


1. JR taking a nap with me this afternoon.
2. I'm thankful my teenagers are grown and married off.
3. Talking to my son, Steve on the phone while he's stuck in traffic in California.
4. Finding out Steve and his partner closed their first sale last week -- nice to know he and his wife won't starve to death! vbg


Linda_J said...

oh the upper respiratory stuff is bad down here. I had to go get some routine blood tests and see the MD only to have my meds refilled. The office was filled with sniffling, coughing people and two were asleep on the couches. LOL, the MD asked why I had come in and then asked to me to open my mouth and say AH--probably because everybody else needed him to do that. I must have looked perplexed when he asked and he realized his "error" He even said you are one of the few who does NOT have the flu today.

Hope you feel better soon.

cher said...

I too am a fan of Patricia Cornwell-but agree, Blow Fly was one of her worse. Someone else was not impressed with Predator-so I will have to check it out from the library too and see what I think. Sorry you have to frogstitch an entire quilted quilt-yuck!

JudyL said...

Ugh, I hate frogging. Amazing how long it takes to get those stitches out.

Hope you're feeling better.