Sunday, February 26, 2006


Been a crazy week here - make that month. Have I told you how much I hate February? It always seems like the longest month of the year to me -- cabin fever hits, I don't know -- just something about the month does me in.
Celebrated AJ's 2nd birthday last week and then on Wednesday night got the emergency phone call: "Mom, AJ's got a fever with a cough and cold, can you come up and babysit tomorrow -- can't take him to either sitter and we both have to be at work early!" (Note to self: After this, just drive up the same night and sleep at their house!) I never sleep the night before we go anywhere -- for one reason or another -- but having to get up at oh dark thirty in the morning to be on the road by 6:30 a.m. is actually insane. The car is really on autopilot for an hour and a half -- good thing it knows the way up there! And, because they live northeast of us -- I drive into the sun on the way up, and into the sun on the way back -- and I wish the car manufacturers would come up with a decent visor design that actually blocked that eyeball/brain splitting bright sunshine and also let you see the road ahead of you! (I did make this suggestion to the Mercury people when they sent me a "comments" form after we bought my car!)
Anyway -- AJ's fever was gone, but he coughed his little head off, poor baby. DD has been giving him the steroid medicine to head off any windpipe problems he might have and the Pediacare stuff; but it sure didn't do much for his cough. He did, however, engage Grandma in a titillating conversation about footballs (two footballs) and I'm not sure what else he was explaining to me. This kid is going to be a great conversationalist -- he had me sit in the rocker while he sat on the footstool during this face to face talk -- he pointed often to the football on the chain on the overhead fan in his room and the football he was holding in his hand!

I've been sewing, but not accomplishing much it seems. I did make two baby quilts -- one for the new daughter that AJ's babysitter had last week, and the one in the picture is going to be in a silent auction to benefit a very special little girl who needs a home hyperbaric chamber for some intense therapy. (Both quilts are the same pattern -- just different bright stars and borders! I backed them both with baby flannel.) I did manage to quilt them both on my Bernina and I was fairly pleased with the quilting job -- one step at a time!

Not much else going on here -- I've been in a really weird place this month. Not sure if it's because it's February or what. Just feel kind of disconnected from the world or something. Maybe it's just a case of the blahs. I know I'm looking forward to Wednesday! March can come in like a lion or a lamb -- just let it come in, please!


Mary said...

Very cute baby quilt - I really like the darker stars with the light blocks.

Hope AJ is better.

cher said...

sweet quilt...what a great thing you are able to go and help babysit a sick grandchild..he sounds so sweet. Maybe you are just sick of winter?? It always seems to last tooo long to me.

Jan Mac said...

I hope AJ is better now. I love the baby quilt too. I'm looking forward to our autumn (fall)as I've had enough of the hot summer weather we've been having.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Love that baby quilt! I am just done with winter come February too! But hey! It WAS only 2 months ago that I was posting excitedly about the FIRST snow, so I guess it does go bye faster than we think. Hopefully AJ is feeling better again - it is no fun when our little darlings are not well. Lucky boy to have you be able to come watch him.