Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Looking Ahead

Finally -- the last day of February! YAY!
Spent the day running errands, taking a short nap, listening to "My Antonia" and frog stitching some quilting I did that I don't like!

This pic is of a Celtic tablerunner I made my DDIL a few years back. This was done in a Quilt University class by Nancy Chong. I loved the class. My DDIL is Irish, and loves all things Celt.

Note to Patti: Bill is the one that brought up his definition of panic -- he laughs with me, or us, as the case may be!

March goals: Exercise-wise, I'm just going back to my usual 30 minutes on the treadmill and some weight training and crunches whenever I can. I've decided the number is not important -- feeling healthy is -- but I'd still like to lose a few pounds and some inches -- just no time limits!

I need to write, design and otherwise finish my last newsletter. I'm going to try to get it done without waiting til the last minute (deadline March 31), and without making myself crazy in the process. I like to do the newsy parts of the newsletter, the tips, the talking about scrap reduction, the ideas for scrap quilts, the recipes -- mainly I just hate the having to write out the instructions for the designs I come up with! I'm not going to make any committments after this, but may add stuff to a webpage eventually -- just for fun and no deadlines.

I will finish at least one ufo this month - hopefully more, but at least one! I have a top already out that I need to piece a backing for and cut the batting and baste and quilt. That's the one for this month.

Once again, I'll try not to buy anything except the 5 B's.


1. My new watch band.

2. Having JR jump into my lap in the recliner this afternoon to "nap" with me -- he understands "nap" really well, just turns around and plops down and sleeps! (JR is my Jack Russell Terrier!).

3. It was a beautiful, sunny day today.

4. Chili for dinner.


Sandra said...

Your tablerunner is very elegant - the celtic style of quilting is really very nice though I haven't tried it yet.

The Calico Cat said...

Love the table runner - I added a bit of that to my wedding quilt... (I needed a "simple" - so I thought - applique border)

Dona said...

Your tablerunner is great. I just love Nancy Chong, I've met her and taken both her Hawaiian and Celtic classes. Wonderful lady, wonderful teacher.

Linda_J said...

your runner is wonderful---simple, elegant and perfect for March and St. Pat's.

Mary said...

I'm trying to not pay too much attention to the numbers either - striving for a healthier lifestyle is just as important as the pounds lost.

My focus is on eating more fruits and vegi's, not skipping meals, exercising more and so far the scale numbers are dropping as an added bonus.

Stephanie said...

Ok, so I finally caught up on my mother's blog, and I just have a few things to say...
First, thanks for making me cry, again, on AJ's 2nd birthday stuff - seriously mom.
Second, thank you to all who commented on my son - he is truly our little miracle and God help me, we don't want to go through any of that again if possible. Although, as you can see from his picture, he is well worth it!:) Thanks so much, again!
ttyl Mom!:)