Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tuesday, Oct 11

Guess I've been MIA for awhile! Have spent most of the weekend working on a quilt top -- it's now quilted, labeled, and the binding is in process of being stitched to the back side! I'll get a picture up when it's finished. I'm feeling pretty good about this one, 'cause it's a ufo I finally finished and I'm giving it away too!

Got to spend last Monday with Grandchildren and Daughter and she took pictures of the fun they were having. I had DSIL email one to me -- AJ was so serious when he got on the motorcycle ride, I just knew it would be a great picture. However, DSIL never sizes the picture down when he sends it to me (he has cable -- I have dial-up -it literally took a 1/2 hour to receive! Grrr! Anyway -- I put it up on my isp home page at: http://home.xta.com/porchrocker/ if you'd like to see my grandson -- oh, and he really has blue eyes! LOL The little girl in the background is our darling granddaughter, Briana, 7.

Back to the quilting stuff: I've been "itching to stitch" lately, so pulled out another ufo and have been hand appliqueing in the evenings in front of the tv! This one is a pattern and class I took at least two years ago. I did go back a few months back and pull all the rest of the fabrics for it and cut all the rest of the pieces and "kit" them, so all I need to do is pull a bag out and work on it -- it's great! This one is "Tulip Farm" by Blackbird Designs, I think. The pattern was not well written, so it was a good thing we had a yearlong monthly workshop on it.

Anyway -- that's what's been happening around here in a nutshell!


Finn said...

Hi Joanne, 3 cheers for getting a UFO almost done ! Wish I could say that I have. I've moved closer on one, but of course, manage to start 3 more up at the retreat...LOL. Two are Halloween, and one is scrap but still...I should behave. I did see some lovely applique and I do admire it..just don't do much. I'll look forward to seeing your newly completed piece.

Dawn said...

Oh that picture of your grandson is sooo cute!

I love Tulip Farm! There were so many done at the Rockford quilt show - they were so pretty! I can't wait to see yours!