Saturday, October 01, 2005

Back on Track

I did manage to finally get the rest of my fall quilts out and hung yesterday. So this is the full view of the Fall Star Trip quilt.

This hangs in my "Clutter Room" which is also the sewing room, the room between the garage and the kitchen, where the pantry is, the microwave, and a half bath -- guess that's why it's known as the clutter room. It hangs on the wall going to the garage but it fills the doorway going into the kitchen, so you can see the quilts hanging there from the kitchen, the dining room and the library!

'Course, immediately after I hung it, I covered it with a piece of batting and went back to work on my Labor Day Madness blocks. I separated out the light colors from the 5" squares and some of the mediums that blended in too much. I'm still chain piecing parts, so I haven't sewn the blocks together, but I have 9 blocks on the wall: I do like the darker background rectangles, too (thanks for everyone's opinion!), so that's what we're going with!

Spent most of today at a quilt show/Autumn on Parade in the next town over. Good craft show, although I didn't buy anything. Quilt show was smaller than normal, but it was okay. Also went to the lqs and picked up the next "Buck A Block" this morning, so have other things to work on when I get that far!

Otherwise, tried to find a flight out of O'Hare for Vegas and gave up -- prices are about double. So, we cancelled the trip and notified the Navy Reunion people and the hotel. I'll get back to Las Vegas sometime! We'll be babysitting our precious grandson, AJ on the weekend we would be coming home anyway, so that's almost as much fun -- he's 19 months!
Tonight I need to do some checkbook balancing and cleaning up some paperwork around here, so I guess I'd better get busy!


Bonnie said...

I love these spinning stars! I haven't done many quilts that use a partial seam in the center to get started, but I've always wanted to!


Finn said...

Hi Joanne, love the way your stars are coming together. I've asked my friend to bring me her Nickle Quilts book to take a peek at. I'm now wondering if that Lucky Star IS the same star I picked out in an 8" block. What size are yours coming out??

I love the star that hangs in the clutter room also..great use of the colors, and it looks like a scrap quilt whether it is or not.
Sorry about the trip to Vegas. Glad you can get your money back tho.

Dawn said...

Oh Joanne! I LOVE your labor day madness stars! The dark background definately was a great choice!

Too bad about Vegas. Guess you'll have to stay home and sew!