Friday, September 30, 2005


So, I did get to play in the sewing room today and even took some pictures, but right now I have to figure out how to get to Las Vegas on October 10, because TransMeridian Airlines is no longer flying, thank you very much. We had reservations to fly out of Rockford, IL on the 10th and they even charged our credit card already, and now they are no longer flying period! Nice of them to leave travelers stranded in Orlando and Vegas, too.
We were going out for a Navy reunion of my DH's squadron. I'm thinking if we can't get out via Rockford, I'll just get our money back -- don't really want to fly out of O'Hare or Milwaukee.
Anyway.....I'll see about getting the pictures off the camera and onto the 'puter later!


Sarah said...

Joanne -

I grew up in Rockford. Can't believe how much it has changed sine the late 80's.

Hope you get your plane tickets figured out!

Sarah N.

Finn said...

So sorry to hear of the disappointment with the tickets and the flight. I suppose we are going to be seeing more of that. I know I felt lucky that my May purchase of tickets on NorthWest was good despite the filing for bankruptcy and also the mechanics being on strike. Very lucky indeed.
Hope that you can get your money back if it comes to that.