Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Finished a top today.  This is one of our homeless quilts.  I used all Kansas Troubles Fabrics, which are my favorite and I enjoy working with them.  The pattern is very simple, because we need to make a lot of quilts and it's best to keep it simple.  Although, this year we're going to be making some different patterns because we're all bored with 5" squares!  I have cut some 2-1/2" strips, so we will do some rail fence,  And we've done a stretched star quilt this year too.
I will be quilting this one next week, hopefully.  I've been finishing up the pile I had leftover from the last giveaway -- about 5 big quilts like this, and 5 kids quilts, and still have 4 lap quilts to sandwich and quilt. 
The quilters meet again on the 30th, so hope to have them done by then, and I'll pass them on to Nancy, who does all the bindings on the machine.
Had to run to the store this morning for a couple of groceries and put together my potato salad for Sunday, and then went to the quilt studio!
So, just stopping by for a minute to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!
Until next time....blessings.

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