Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Some Progress

I finished piecing the 9 patches - only because I was tired of doing them!  I still have strips of fabric that I will sew together to make more 9 patches and maybe 4 patches, but I decided to stop putting the borders around them now, and go ahead and start piecing another homeless quilt.  These quilts need to be 60" x 80" or thereabouts, so, I cut some black prints to fill in between the 9 patches. And of course I didn't have enough of one to do the whole quilt, so pulled and cut two.

I sewed the top two rows and placed the third row on my design board.  The busier black print will be in the center and the less-busy one will be alternating in the outer rows only.
All of the 9 patches need to be squared up, so they are now on the cutting table waiting for me tomorrow!  I found cutting is a little easier with this splint than the cast, but still not great, so it's slow going, but that's ok - no hurry, right?!

Until next time...blessings.

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