Friday, August 22, 2014


Just in case you ever wanted to know what chaos looks like...this is it! We got 3.4 inches of rain yesterday.  I've been working with a flooring company in addition to a remodeling company. So yesterday I picked out the wood floors I want installed in the living room and while I was talking to the salesman, I told him to just order them, but put them on hold because I needed to find a painter first to paint the rooms.  He gave me the name of one, the painter came out yesterday afternoon, gave me an estimate.  I asked him when he could do it (thinking I had months to get ready, because everyone is swamped with work around here right now).  He said today! (Because of the rain, his outside jobs are on hold, and most of his jobs are outside jobs right now.) He'll be done tomorrow -- including cathedral ceilings and walls! So in 3-1/2 hours yesterday I cleaned out everything from the furniture and what was in cabinets that he had to move to make it easier to move.  This first pic is the office and it has a bunch of everything in there!
This is the floor of my bedroom, which I already cleaned out waiting for the remodel to begin.  There just isn't any room for any of this excess stuff!
And this is the guest bedroom.  Good luck walking in there at all.  And the china and crystal will have to stay on the bed in here til the wood floors are put in and it'll be at least a couple of weeks for that!  If they come to do the bedroom remodel, I'll have to sleep on the floor in the basement!
And, I can tell you that a whole bunch of stuff will be tossed, given away or put away in its proper place after this mess!  I had to clean out my very small linen closet and hall coat closet and the closet that has the washer/dryer in it also.  When I first moved in last September/October, I put things all over the place and packed that linen closet full to overflowing, so that'll be the first one completely cleaned out. 

So, I've been in the woman cave, quilting quilts for the homeless (got two done today!), and attempting to make the lined curtains for my bedroom -- it's a real challenge since I don't sew, I just quilt!  You-tube is amazing, isn't it --you can find out how to do anything on it! lol

Until next time....blessings.

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