Monday, July 07, 2014

A quilt - for a change!

Seems to have been a busy year for me.  I did go on an Alaskan cruise in June -- it was a Quiltmaker's Block Party Cruise and my niece came with me.  We had a blast.  I took two quilt classes - one a Debbie Caffrey mystery that was really a great quilt.  I got one third of it done in class, and just finished the top last week.
We went to Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan -- Alaska is really an unbelievably beautiful state.  We even got to see a whale breach!  Stunning.  I think all I got on film was the splash afterwards!
I think I'm done traveling for awhile now.  Summer has arrived in the midwest -- I think.  We've had more rain in the past few months that it just feels like an extension of our very wet winter!  I'm enjoying the sun though, and not going to complain!

The quilt I did today:  Jo's Little Women's Club 13.  Those little squares are cut 1-1/4"! I used a lot of fabrics from last year that I had cut into at least 1-1/4" strips and some squares.  It's time to use up the fabrics I have -- I have tons of new Jo Morton fabrics, but I'd like to use up the old stuff too. 

I have organized a sew-in at my church once a month -- we're piecing quilts for the homeless.  I have a group of women that have never pieced a quilt -- most beginners and most don't even have a machine, so those of us that are quilters bring in extra machines and try to show them what to do!  We have an unlimited supply of 2-1/2" - 5" squares for them to put together.  I've also been trying to cut up some of my older fabric into larger squares so they can actually finish a top once in a while!  So far, I've quilted 3 of these quilts, bound one, still have one to put a label on, and thankfully, my friend Nancy takes them and binds them for me.  She's also provided me with 6 more tops that she's put together for me to quilt!  It seems to never end!  We're shooting for another 25 quilts to distribute in October or so.  We distributed 27 in May and they were well received.  These quilts are 60"x80".

Until next time....Blessings

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Cher said...

lovely to hear what you have been doing! I am so happy to hear about your quilt group and how you making quilts for the homeless...what a win win project that is- teaching new quilters, using up stash, and helping those in need. hugs