Saturday, January 04, 2014

Someone turn the snow machine off...

This was taken out my front door a few minutes ago.  See the mailbox?  It's pretty much buried under a ton of snow that just keeps coming.  Plus we have a lot of wind today, and we've got deep freeze temperatures forecasted for another week at least.  I hate winter -- don't know why I stay in this part of the country -- other than I've lived here all my life and my family and friends live nearby! 

Only one thing winter is good for:  staying by the fire (which I don't have in the fireplace!), and quilting or knitting!  And eating good old fashioned comfort food - the Chicken pot pie is in the crockpot!  Only thing left on my to-do list today is again, knitting on the socks and the hat. 

Until next time....Blessings.

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mary said...

That is what I am doing today. Only it is porcupine meatballs and cutting a baby quilt out. I think we only got 6 inches here, but it is enough with the bitter temperatures tomorrow. I have to go out to my first physical therapy appointment for my new knee. I surely will call first!