Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall is here!

The view from the deck at the back of the house.  The evergreens are mine, the color is the neighbors'!  You'll notice I have a postage-stamp size backyard --which is great.  Don't particularly like looking at someone's house, coming from the country, but love the fact that I don't have to deal with leaves in the fall and can just enjoy the color without the work!  I do hire the yard work out, so I don't even take care of my tiny yard!

I'm still moving boxes to the basement (would have had the movers do it if I'd known they can't start the basement remodel til after the first of the year!), and still unpacking a few things.  Have way too much kitchen stuff and no place to put it, but also downsizing and decluttering again as I go. 
I am getting things crossed off my to-do list finally.  Getting addresses changed over, getting bank accounts changed over, had the attorney redo my will and set up a trust account -- all those things that need to be taken care of and it just takes time and many trips to different parts of town to do!

Hopefully this week I'll be able to spend a little time quilting!
Until next time, Blessings....

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Finish!

The move is over -- I'm mostly settled -- still have lots and lots of boxes in the garage and basement to go through.  My new sewing room in the basement won't be started til after the first of the year, and I've contracted to have my driveway redone and I have no idea when that will be accomplished, but I've successfully left behind my huge house and moved into one a third of the size!  There will be more downsizing being done as I unpack.  I still haven't uncovered all my sewing things, but I have set up one of my machines in the bedroom and can work on piecing when the mood strikes.

Until then, I've been knitting -- I just finished this hat last night -- I am definitely not a fast knitter, but I do enjoy the process.  This pattern is called "Hurricane" by Andrea Goutier.  I downloaded it from Ravelry and I will be donating this first one for our hat and mitten tree at church to be given to a needy child.  I hope to make many more during the next year for the same purpose.

I'm glad I moved to town....I'm minutes away from everything!  And a half an hour closer to my daughter and her family.  I miss the view of the woods and wildlife from my  kitchen window though.  I don't miss the work involved in keeping a huge house and taking care of the acreage.  I have a small yard now, and it takes the landscape man to mow it in about 10 minutes - and not on a riding mower! 

Until next time, Blessings.