Saturday, March 09, 2013


I can only live with chaos for so long before it drives me crazy. I call messy surfaces chaos because they stress me out and fill me with anxiety until I finally clean them off. Thing is - I'm the one that makes these messes -- the dog certainly doesn't pile things on the table or the counter in the basement!

After picture of the kitchen table -- the items on the table now are what are on there every morning --still rather cluttered, but at least its a controlled chaos!The lamp is usually against the wall -- I like lots of light when I knit or applique.
I didn't take a before picture of my kitchen island, but it was as messy as the table was. I had to clean it off in order to make cut out sugar cookies today, and then clean up the mess, and put the quilt back on.  More controlled chaos and fresh cookies to be frozen for Easter!
The mess on the counter in the basement -- it's still there! That'll have to be a project for next week. I do have a terrible habit of dumping the paper down there because that's where my filing cabinet is, and my main computer.
 Basically, I need to come up with a plan to actually get something accomplished without making a mess and still have lots of time to knit and quilt and read, etc! Anybody have any suggestions? What works for you?

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