Saturday, November 10, 2012


This year is flying by.  Thanksgiving is going to be here soon.  I am so not ready!  I've spent the last few weeks finishing the outside work -- leaves are mulched, garden tools are put away in the shed, snowblower is in the garage ready to go and I have a load of wood in the garage.  Had the first fire of the season yesterday afternoon -- it wasn't particularly cold outside, just felt a little chilly inside and it was nice to sit in front of the fire and do some applique- which I haven't touched in a month!  I start having withdrawal symptoms if I don't get some sewing done!

Today for the first time in awhile I cut out a new quilt and started making blocks.  This is the "Three Sisters" quilt from the Winter 2012 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.  I loved the quilt when I first saw it and then really loved it because it was designed by the ladies of Yellow Creek Designs -- they own my favorite quilt shop!  So, last week I drove to Pearl City and bought some Kansas Troubles fabrics and started the quilt today.  The three blocks above have taken me practically all day to make!  And they are only 6" blocks.  But maybe that's why it took me so long -- those tiny pieces!  It's fun to make and it also has applique in it, which I will do needleturn, not wool.  There's no deadline and I'll just keep plugging away!

A beautiful, sunny and warm day to spend in the basement sewing!
Listening to George Strait on several cd's while I sew, and Kenny Chesney and the Zac Brown Band.


Cher said...

thanks for you kind comment on Zoe..when I try and reply to you it bounces back..please email me at directly...I do want to stay in touch with you! thanks

Melody said...

Haven't heard from you for a while, so I wanted to drop in and say "hi!". I hope that all is going well for you.