Sunday, February 26, 2012

My new toy

While I've been sick and whining, and not getting anything done in the sewing department, I have been doing a lot of reading and playing on the computer, the I-Pad and on my new phone.
Some background:  I've had a cell phone for a few years -- the first one I used only for emergencies, never kept it on and paid $20 a month for it at Sprint.  Bill didn't want one.  Then Steve got sick, I saw the need to have a better phone and a better phone package, so I bought a nice LG model, signed up with Verizon because Steve had good luck with them out where they lived (when you live out in the boonies you have to determine these things that aren't issues for people who live in the city!).  I signed up for a full package for texting and data, but cancelled that after a month and just stuck with the cell phone part.  I don't live on my phone.  I did buy an I-pad2 a couple of years ago and I do have a Kindle that I love.  Problem is that I still live in the boonies -- I have satellite internet because I can't even get dsl on the phone lines out here, no cable, etc.  Let me tell you what satellite internet is like -- 5 times the price of dialup, 1/2 the speed of dialup!
So, mostly I don't do much on the I-Pad because the wireless connection is bad!
Fast forward a few years -- the kids all LIVE on their phones -- texting is the new talking, Facebook is king, etc.  I finally succumbed to it and bought myself an IPhone 4S -- with Siri no less.  You can see by the fingerprints that it gets some usage!  I stayed with Verizon, am now back to having a text and data package and oh boy, a hot spot booster.  I can now use my I-Pad and my phone and they work faster than my computer!  And oh boy is Words With Friends addicting on Facebook!  Not only that, but it's been wonderful having something to play with while I'm coughing my brains out and I don't have to expose any one else to it! LOL

Whining is over -- still coughing but at least I can text someone and whine about it now!


Melody said...

Yay!! Glad you found what worked for you!

McIrish Annie said...

I have an ipad too and i love it! I am playing words with my son longdistance and scrabble with my sister from florida. I also love Moxie2. check that one out! Since I've got my ipad I've read two books which I checked out of my local library. I love my Ipad!!

~Bren~ said...

Those phones can become addictive. So glad you are on the upswing.

Mary said...

words with friends is so addictive. It is getting me thru a long time in ortho rehab. I am playing it on my kindle fire. I just love that new toy. I even posted from the recovery room after my last hip replacement surgery. Do you think I might be addicted to facebook?