Friday, February 24, 2012

The adventures of me...

When last we left our heroine (that's female hero, not drug), she was being productive in the sewing room.  That was last Friday.  I unearthed these blocks from one of the plastic drawers there were stashed in and put them up on the design wall.  Wonder how long they'll stay there before I either do something with them or take them down and bury them again.  I can't remember if Kris gave me these after buying them on E-bay or at an auction, or if I bought them from her at a garage sale.  Note to self -- do something about this memory (or lack thereof) thing.
Irregardless (don't you hate when people use that non-word?!  I do!).  Regardless of what I do with these blocks, I did manage to pull fabrics and cut out a quilt for Mikey -- who will be 2 in June and I thought it was time to make his baby quilt.  I even started sewing it.
And then it happened....from out of nowhere I was hit with the creeping crud.  "They" all say "its" going around -- but none of them say how to avoid it, or how to get rid of it.  It's the cough that starts in the throat, moves to the chest and takes up residence; the sinuses that fill up and then drain whenever they feel like it; it's the don't bother trying to sleep for at least 2 nights because the cough is not going to allow it; it's the rib-hurting, chest congesting, unproductive cough, cough, cough; it's the get out the Depends because at my age I can't squeeze those muscles and cough at the same time cough! It's probably a good thing I live alone and I have an idea JR would probably plan a trip about now if he could!  The pharmacist said Mucinex -- I should probably buy stock in the company.  I know it just takes time and the congestion will break up, but boy am I tired of coughing.  It's been a week now, and not only is my cough unproductive, but so am I.  Nothing more has been done in the sewing room.  I haven't even opened any of the hand applique -- it's too hard to stitch or do anything else when you're coughing or your ribs hurt!

So that's my post and my whine for the day.  I have a couple of more things to write about -- but I'll leave them for a different post!


Melody said...

Those blocks are beautiful!

So sorry that you've been sick! It sounds like I've had something similar. I hope that you get well soon! (And I've been doing the mucinex thing, along with ibuprofen - because I was remembering that commercial where they said, "sure, blame it all on the mucus, but what about the inflamation?")

Good luck finding what works for you & I hope that you get a good night's sleep soon!

McIrish Annie said...

So sorry you are sick! "they" are right. I had it and it takes time to get rid of "it". Hope you are better soon and back in your sewing groove.

Carol said...

I have just gotten over that crud and you have described it perfectly. A couple of tips that helped me (besides a 10-day antibiotic) was Mucinex DM which works wonders for the cough and actually allows SLEEP and also Robitussin DM which does the same. Both over the counter. The cough is so tiring and is the last to go away. My brother described it perfectly--feels like a piece of dryer sheet is stuck in your throat! I completely sympathize! Feel better soon.

Kathy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon......hate when the "crud" sidelines us! There's slready too much to do and too little time! :-)
(((hugs))) Kathy H the blocks!