Thursday, September 01, 2011

Ah, September

It's 90+ degrees in the shade today -- can't believe it's the first of September! It was my grandkids' first day of school -- thankfully their school is air conditioned.
I did get out to the flower bed at 7:30 this morning -- but by 8:15 I was done.  Made a little progress, but not as much as I wanted.  Next time!
Then I went to the shed and put a coat of varnish on my door trim.  The shop area stays cooler than the outside temperature, so shouldn't be a problem drying.

Then I came in and did some deep cleaning of my main floor bath (I love fall cleaning this bath -- takes no time at all!).  I put up my fall shower curtain (a Moda fabric from many years ago that I fell in love with).  This bath only has a pedestal sink, which I really love, and I added an antique medicine cabinet when we first moved in.
 And today, I did something radically different for me:  I took a page from my friend Kris and hung a couple of quilts in this bathroom.  I had a wooden washboard novelty shelf where this one is now.  This quilt was a group of lottery blocks I won at guild a good 10 years ago.  I put them together right away and love the small size of it.  The hand razor and curling iron were my grandparents'.  I found them when I was cleaning out my dad's house 18 years ago!
 In this spot I had a small 3 shelf unit that is painted blue.  I decided to paint it black instead, so hung this little quilt in the meantime.  Kris pieced this quilt, then prepped the applique for me (she made one for herself at the same time), and we worked on the applique together.
Neither of these quilts had hanging sleeves, so this afternoon I made and sewed the sleeves on.

I ran to Farm & Fleet today and bought the black paint for the shelf, but I'm in no hurry to get it done -- I'm liking the change of having quilts hanging in there now.

'Til next time.....

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