Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Goals

I do make New Year's Resolutions, but I'm not going to bore you with them. Usually after a couple of months, I've forgotten all the ones I make anyway. This year I'm doing something a little different, and hopefully I'll be able to actually accomplish a few things. In fact, I'm going to try to keep a list of the things I actually accomplish each month -- this will be quilt related things as well as other goals. I always have the resolution of getting the entire house deep cleaned -- and I always get one room done before I burn out because it takes me all day or two days to do one room. I still have that resolution -- but I'm going to attack the elephant one nibble at a time! Today's nibble was Steph's old walk-in closet (this room is going to be my second sewing/craft room upstairs, so I guess I can quit calling it Steph's room!) Our builders built the steps to the attic in here with the idea of being able to store things on them -- they are wide and deep.

Anyway, it was pretty trashed because I dumped all the boxes/bags for wrapping gifts all over the floor when I was looking for something in a hurry. The first three pictures are the before.

There's also a window in this closet (because it made the outside of the house look better!). We moved into this house a couple weeks after Steph graduated from high school. She basically was only here summers for a few years when she went to college and a few months before she moved to Wisconsin. I should probably put a shade in the window, but I've just had curtains up instead. But, that is the reason I have old rugs covering the luggage -- I don't want sun damage on them. I did wash the curtains and the window today, as well as do all the woodwork in here. I also folded up the Pack n Play that was in the room and put a couple of other things in here that were taking up space. So the next 3 pictures are the after. The books on the shelves are the quilt binders I've just reorganized and I've put half a shelf of cookbooks in here as well. As I sort through my recipes, I will be decluttering a lot of cookbooks!

Only took me 2-1/2 hours to do this and I actually thought about doing the rest of the room today, but that would defeat the purpose of taking it one step at a time and only taking a nibble of the elephant!
And, having done this today, tomorrow I can actually get back to some quilting! I'm not making any resolutions about stashbusting or ufo's this year -- I'm going to work on whatever I feel like working on. And I love working on scrap quilts, so I'll be busting stash anyway. And I did manage to load Steph's Christmas present (the Valentine wall hanging) on the machine yesterday, so that will be one of my first projects to finish.
The feeling of accomplishment and being productive.
This is the last day of 2008!
Working through the thoughts in my head!


boutcrazy said...

Oh, it looks great. We have our guest room back and this is going to be my project tomorow...turn it into a really nice craft storage room and study. I'll have to do some before/after pictures...I'll post only if I get to do this!

Cher said...

I like your plans for 2009! I agree, I am not setting goals about my quilting other than to do what gives me joy to work on. The closet looks wonderful! well done