Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day in the US. A day to honor all vets of all wars and those that serve in peacetime, too. We had a very special one today. Briana, our 10 yr old granddaughter, invited Bill and me to her school for a special program. This was an invitation only thing. I have a miserable cold, but I was not about to disappoint Bri, so we drove for an hour an a half to get there. Arrived at Steph's with a few minutes to learn how to use their video camera and then on to the school.
They separated the invited vets and after the entire school assembled in the gym, they brought them in to a standing ovation and gave them seats of honor behind the podium. Then the 7&8 grade chorus sang The Star Spangled Banner, the older kids put on a power point presentation, the 5th & 6th grade chorus (of which Briana is part) sang a special song to the vets; then the school band played each of the branches of service organizations songs, starting with the marines and ending with the navy. Each vet from each branch stood at attention and the kids that invited them also stood waving stars they'd made. They also presented flowers to two ladies that represented Rosie the Riveter from World War II (they had my name down as a spouse of a WWII vet and I think they had flowers they were going to present to me -- but I was seated in a different area than the vets!) -- I certainly wasn't his spouse during the war anyway! They also explained the origin of Taps and played that at the end. It was very well done and the kids did such a great job. All we got to do was to wave to Briana, but I'm real glad she saw us there anyway. I didn't get any still pics because I had to tape the whole thing for Steph! 'Course, not being all that handy with a video camera, she'll have plenty of floor and feet and backs of heads to edit out of the final production! All in all, it was really great.
The drive home was awful -- all snowy rain and heavy rain at times. But, I did get a text message from Steve during the program and talked to him on the way home. They were in Madison today for more chemo drugs and he had an MRI -- still clear. They were waiting to pick up the drugs, so still had the nasty drive to look forward to. But we'll put up with the nasty drive if the MRI results are that good every time!
Having such a sweet granddaughter. She really is one in a million.
Great MRI results.
Safe drive home.
Having the forethought to put dinner in the crockpot this morning! Perfect Winter Beef Stew will be ready soon and I had plenty of time to throw some Beer Bread together and pop it in the oven!


Steven Talbott said...

What a great program! Cant wait to see the dvd...even with the amateur photographer at the helm. :)

Carol said...

Great, great news on the MRI! We'll keep those good thoughts going!