Friday, November 21, 2008

Cleaning and Sorting 2

Boy, three posts in one day with pictures -- I'm surprising myself here!
This is my daughter's old room, on the second floor. A month or so ago I moved my second sewing machine up here with it's table and all. I also opened up my antique wooden ironing board, covered it and bought a second iron to have it easily accessible. This is not my actual sewing studio -- but a second one!
My quilt books and magazines and patterns are a total disaster. I had reduced the number of books a few years ago, and cleaned out the magazines and made binders from pages I kept. But, I've still been buying magazines here and there and need to purge again. I have stopped all subscriptions to quilt magazines, so the number will be reduced!
I also have a tremendous mess of recipe books and papers printed from the 'net and copies of recipes from magazines and cooking magazines -- probably worse than my quilting stuff.
These pictures are the before shots! This is going to be my ongoing project probably for the next year -- the plan is to get a handle on both the quilting stuff and the recipe stuff. It will take a lot of time to go through everything, but it should be easier having it all dumped in this room (I can at least close the door and not look at it! vbg)


Pieceful Afternoon said...

I'm with you - de-clutter de-clutter de-clutter, but it seems to clutter faster than I can work for some strange reason.

I'm a pilot - I "pilot here" and "pilot there" - so I have things to go through - again. Seems I just get a handle on it and something happens to make things go astray. Good luck!!!

Quilting Kim said...

Now that's my idea of a sewing room. I can't believe that anyone gets anything done in those beautiful, decluttered rooms. Thanks for posting those pictures, it makes me feel a lot better.