Thursday, October 02, 2008


Here we are at the beginning of October already. This year is flying by (or maybe it's because I'm getting older and all the years are on the downhill slide!) Last year Will was only two months old, so Steph dressed him in a skeleton outfit for Halloween.
And this morning we had our first frost out here in the boonies. A light one to be sure, but frost is frost. The house was cold this morning and I refuse to turn on the heat until I absolutely have to -- especially with the cost of propane gas this year! So, today was the first day of the season for a fire in the kitchen fireplace. It is still going this afternoon and I suspect Bill will start one in the living room fireplace after dinner.

I have managed to get a few fall decorations out -- a week or so ago. This is my antique treadmill (Okay -- this is actually a treadle, not treadmill!) that was my mother-in-law's that I keep in the kitchen on the opposite wall from the fireplace. The little quilt was made from lottery blocks I won a few years ago at guild. The pumpkin stitchery was done by my daughter -- I love it and wish she'd make me a dozen more! (hint, hint).

Today I managed to not only finish my guild's newsletter and get it sent out, but I also quilted a small quilt for a friend. And in the mail this afternoon I got two more books I ordered last week from Kimmy Brunner -- both are by Mary Nordeng and both are technique books for the longarm. Along with Bonnie's book, I have plenty to read tonight!

Steve heard back from Imerman's Angels and is anxiously awaiting being matched to another brain tumor patient - he as a survivor and the other as a fighter.
Bill finished painting the two shelf units we bought from a going-out-of-business video store. Now I can fill them with longarm stuff!
Finishing the newsletter - it's getting to be drudgery for some reason and I put it off til the last minute. Maybe because I'd rather be quilting!


Anonymous said...

A kitchen fireplace sounds divine. Wishing I had one too.

StitchinByTheLake said...

It's not quite time for a fire here but I'm anxiously awaiting it. Love the quilt! blessings, marlene