Friday, September 26, 2008

Weeding on Friday

This is the same area I worked on Wednesday -- this side (the road side) is peonies and the other side of that post is all daylilies and one hardy iris that I dug up years ago, but it persists in returning and blooming, so I left it!

And the after picture: (after another hour and a half of work). I cleaned up the peonies and pulled the stems of the daylilies and weeded, weeded, weeded. I also trimmed some of the lower branches of the redbud tree -- they grew so low they were laying on top of the flowers!

I also have a stand of black eyed susans next to the peonies and under the tree. I cut them back as I was going, but this lonely one is still blooming, so I left it alone! I love discovering one bloom left on plants that have finished blooming.

I had to force myself to go out and work today, but I'm happy I did. Doesn't seem like much progress, but some is better than none!
Another bright, sunny day.

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