Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I quilted this quilt today. This quilt was made by a friend and the first picture is the backing -- a quilter after my own heart, the center is the Halloween print with the black print as wide borders all the way around -- it could have been the front of the quilt -- I loved working with these fabrics. I freehanded pumpkins and vines and used a Signature cotton thread called Tangerine -- I really enjoyed quilting this quilt!
This is part of the front (I took the picture upside down, of course!) -- she used a panel for the center of the quilt and then added borders to make it about 40 x 45 or so IIRC.
I have another pinned to the longarm -- it's the same panel, but the whole look is different. I'll probably do something similar on the quilting, though.

I had planned on going to Steph's for a day visit today, but one of the kids she babysits for has a bad cold and we don't need that down here. Tomorrow Bill goes in for some preliminary tests -- chest xray and EKG. He's scheduled for an angiogram next Thursday. The results of his stress test showed an area of the heart muscle that is not getting enough blood, so they need to go in and see what's up. He may come home the same day, or he may have to have a stent put in and spend the night.

I'd also planned on doing some weeding this week -- but temps have hit close to 90 degrees and very high humidity, so there will be no outside work done this week or weekend! I'd rather be quilting anyway!

Having my quilting go as well as I planned it ;-)!
Still time to do some hand quilting this afternoon!


Screen Door said...

I love the orange thread and pumpkins--- Fall will be here before you know it...Good luck on Bill's tests...

Gail said...

Looks great--but please, I'm not ready for Halloween.