Monday, June 16, 2008

Taking time to smell the flowers...

And play with the grandchildren!
I dug up this lily a few years ago and replanted them out by the road in the full sun. This one just refused to go and has been blooming where it was originally planted!

These snapdragons were planted in a hanging basket, but the porch is too shady for it, so I have it in front of the porch in the flower bed -- they're just happy as can be to be there!
Last Wednesday I went up to visit the grandkids. Will is 11 months old today. This is his itty bitty baby pool and he loves it! He's walking really well now too and definitely did not want to wait for a swim diaper!

But, Mom -- I don't want sunscreen on -- I just want to swim!
It was really hard to get a picture of AJ -- he was just way too busy to be bothered!
I brought up a picnic lunch -- including store bought cupcakes and the kids had a great time! Will looks so much like AJ at this age that AJ wants to call him "Baby AJ!" He really mugs for the camera -- as soon as he sees you taking his picture, he smiles! But then, he smiles a lot!

AJ really enjoyed the cupcake! -- Only time I could get a picture of him!
We really had a great day -- and hope to have a lot more this summer. I've decided to slow everything down, let my quilting take a backseat, let the cleaning run along behind and just enjoy each day!


Kristie said...

Oh, How Fun!!! Such handsome little men. Glad you got to spend some fun time with them.

Anonymous said...

Sweet little grands! Aren't they just the best.

Niki said...

Fun fun!

Pam said...

That AJ...still making me smile and now 'BabyAJ' coming up right behind him...their mom sure has her hands full.

I totally agree...get off the fast track that life usually runs on and take the slow route...these babies grow up while we are looking the other way.


Carol E. said...

Cute, cute, cute! Your decision to slow down is right on.

StitchinByTheLake said...

You know that lily reminds me of some people I've known. Why is it that some people not only persevere but thrive wherever they are and whatever life deals them and others curl up in a fetal position at the first rain drop? We should all try to be like the lily!

Quilts And Pieces said...

I don't blame him - I would want to get in the water too! Adorable pics of them!