Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Quilty Birthday

My birthday was on Thursday (and the only good thing about turning 61 is that I'm now less than a year away from collecting social security! LOL). It was truly a great birthday though, because a friend had a mini-retreat at her house for two days (not overnight). I bought the fabrics for a couple of quilts last month and cut them out ahead of time. This is the first one and I finished piecing the top today -- still need to add two borders. This is a pattern from Kansas Troubles Quilters newsletter called Five and Dime. It was made with a Layer Cake and a Charm packet of KT fabrics. The squares in the centers are raw edge. Fun quilt to play with. The bright blues in the picture are not true to color -- in fact, most of the colors are a bit darker. We had so much fun sewing all day Thursday and Friday that we're going to do it again next Thursday -- but only one day. And Bill of course took me out for dinner Thursday night!

This piece is a panel that Kris, the hostess with the mostest gave me as a challenge. I have 3 fabrics that will go with the 3 colors and I think I'll cut the bottom flag out and border with 3 borders. Kind of boring, so haven't decided for sure. Don't have a clue what to do with the top flag yet either.
Today I worked on the guild's newsletter and then got to play with the Five and Dime quilt. I hope to get the borders on it this week - maybe even tomorrow afternoon. I'd like to get one of the flag quilts finished this week too. I like to decorate with patriotic quilts, which I have already hung all through the house, but I really need a new one and would like to finish it before the 4th.

The humidity and heat have subsided for a bit, so off with the a/c and on with the open windows.
Our phoebes had 4 babies and they flew the nest this afternoon (I missed it -- one minute they were all hanging out and when I looked while doing dishes they had already gone).
Sewing with friends.


Anonymous said...

Well happy 61st birthday...the same age I'll be on my next b'day in December. Sounds like you celebrated in a really fun way.

Carol said...

What a fun way to celebrate your birthday...glad it was a good one. Happy Belated Birthday to YOU!

Candace said...

Happy birthday. I got my first SS check this month, so 62 does have its compensations. It still felt better being 61, though. Sounds like you had a great time, between dinner and friends and quilting. Sorry you missed the baby bird's, I missed mine, too.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Happy belated birthday! I'll be 62 October 1 so I'll get my first check in December and I can hardly wait! It's not a lot but everything helps and I'm grateful for it. Blessings, marlene

Carol E. said...

Happy birthday! What a fun celebration you had. I love the quilt you made.

Karen said...

Your mini retreat sounds like it was loads of fun. Isn't it great to get together with friends and sew to your heart's content!