Thursday, February 07, 2008

Snow Day

Yesterday we had a blizzard -- at least a foot of snow fell, so I played in the house. This is the gift bag I made for AJ's birthday present. I used the instructions from that Mel
posted last week. Basically, its a lined bag with interfacing to make it a big stiffer and closed with a button tab. I measured the gift box and added a couple of inches width and length. I did have to go buy the fabric -- but I got it on sale at Hobby Lobby. I bought a pink fabric for Briana's gift in April, too -- hopefully I'll remember to make that bag before then!
I also played on the longarm yesterday. And hope to work on it today, too. I've already cancelled my doctor's appointment for this morning -- we have some huge drifts next to the garage door to get through. Our friend did plow twice yesterday, just to keep the heavy wet snow manageable. He'll probably be down again this morning sometime.

Saying prayers for those affected by the tornadoes -- I'll take a blizzard anyday.

Steve and Kim drove to Madison Tuesday night -- very slowly -- and spent the night and stayed last night too so he could get to his radiation appointments. They'll be back this afternoon and tomorrow I'll be driving again. Roads should be cleared by today I would think.

We didn't have to go out in the blizzard for any reason -- we have a warm house, plenty of food, the electricity didn't go off and I have my quilting to keep me busy.
Steve & Kim had the foresight to go up on Tuesday night to Madison.
Aaron has this week off on vacation, so he doesn't have to drive his UPS truck in this mess.


Screen Door said...

Love the gift bag!!! I can just picture it filled with 'HotWheels' for years to come...Snuggle up--- Enjoy being "forced" to quilt all day...

Dawn said...

Yeah, we are snowed in too! That will be such a fun gift bag!

Carol said...

What a fun gift glad that everyone is safe, sound and warm.

Anonymous said...

with the 22 inches of snow between him and Madison that was wonderful thinking. Heard that the National Guard was taking food to the people trying to drive on I90 where he had to travel.

My thoughts and prayers are with you andsteve and your family.
mary aka oleqwilter

Karen said...

Spring will come!

The Calico Quilter said...

Those storms and tornados were were scary. I live in Tennessee near the Georgia border and woke my husband early that morning when the wind noises got too fierce. We dressed and sat watching the coverage on the local TV channel as they tracked possible tornado formation areas just northeast of us. I was poised to stuff the cat in the carrier and bolt if it got bad - one story house, no basement, where the heck do you shelter in those conditions?

BTW, I'm the same person who has commented as "The Quilter" previously. I had to modify my identity to avoid confusion with an existing blog.

atet said...

Wasn't that snow something else? Our town is still trying to get all the side streets cleared off! UGH. So glad you were able to stay inside and do some sewing! (I had to go out briefly -- ick). Love your Carolina Crossroads and the primative garden BOM block. What fun projects to work on!

Anonymous said...