Saturday, February 23, 2008

Quilt Fun

There's a group of quilt bloggers that are doing a block a day from the Civil War Diaries and Civil War Love Letters books. I have the Love Letters book and really considered joining in, but then decided that I didn't need another commitment at this time. I thought if I did join in, I would like to hand piece the blocks -- yes, I am crazy! While I was thinking about doing that, I happened to look at one basket on my sewing table that holds a few blocks or projects I have going. And there was a block that I had prepped but never stitched. So, yesterday I spent a few enjoyable hours hand piecing this block. This block is 5" unfinished, 4-1/2" finished. It is block #A-5 of the Dear Jane quilt! I started it a couple of years ago -- I'm just piecing them in order of the rows -- so I have A-1 through A-5 finished! But, there's no pressure and maybe in 15 or 20 years I'll have a hand pieced Dear Jane quilt finished, who knows? I'm working from the EQ cd, so I printed off the next 4 or 5 and will get them prepped so whenever the urge strikes to do some hand piecing, it'll be ready to go.

I also pinned the basketweave quilt to the longarm yesterday and today spent the entire day quilting it. I have just removed it a few minutes ago and trimmed it ready for the binding (which I already have finished). I made the label when I sat down at the computer, so it'll be ready to go when I get the binding on. It's called progress!

Next up for the longarm will be my Twinklers quilt. I ordered some backing fabric from Connecting Threads (on sale and I wanted to try their fabric) and expect that to arrive next week. I'm going to use a pantograph I just received called Poinsettia by Danetta Burnette that I ordered from Kingsmen Quilting Supply.

Tomorrow we're all heading up to WI for AJ's birthday celebration (a week late because of the weather). Looking forward to seeing the grandkids -- it's been awhile.

I managed to finish the quilting today in spite of a few thread breaks because there were so many intersections (the backing was pieced along with the top!).
Good weather for our short trip tomorrow.
Steve has finished 4 weeks of radiation -- only two more to go.


Kristie said...

Wow!!! I just love your blocks!! No need to hurry, just enjoy them.

I ordered the Civil War Diaries Quilt book and cd, they should be here one day this coming week! I can't wait!!!! I really want to get started on this quilt. I don't have any of the repro fabrics yet but that is my plan for the week, is to shop!!!

cher said...

great job on the block! and how terrific to get that quilting done too. You are getting so much more done than you expected-which is good.
Plus, hurray for seeing AJ and the gang.

atet said...

What lovely Dear Jane blocks -- and what a fun trip for AJ's birthday. Hope you had a great weekend!