Saturday, February 02, 2008

I made an executive decision!

I was planning on joining in the fun of Bonnie's Super Bargello Bowl party tomorrow, but decided that I really don't need to start any more new projects. I already don't have time to finish the ones I have going. vbg

That said, I checked out the free BOM at a few minutes ago and it's really a cute tablerunner. This is the place I found the mittens tablerunner in December that went together so fast and was so fun to do (and is still on my island in the kitchen). This new one looks just as fast and easy and I may just have to whip one together next week!

So, for the past couple of days, I've been working on Block 5 of the Primitive Garden series quilt. I've been working on this block for about 4 months -- mostly off and on. I got really bogged down with the little purple flowers that have really small double circular centers (circular in theory!). I finally just picked it up and started in on them and finished them today. I prepped block #6 and then went back and finished the embroidery stitches on this one so I could call it done!
I do like the block, but I am more than ready to move on. And today in the mail I received the last of the finishing kit and final picture of the quilt. It really is a gorgeous quilt, so now I really want to get back to working on it.

I also received the last of the information I needed to get the guild newsletter finished, so I'll work on that this evening and have it ready to go tomorrow. I'll have to snail mail about 17 copies and email 43 or so on Monday, so I'm anxious to finish that too.

And Steve was talking about cleaning off his desk in his office today, and that reminded me that I still have a mess from more than a month ago to finish cleaning out our main desk here. I also have a ton of paper shredding to do, so should probably spend some time getting that done. Boy -- one job just leads to another, doesn't it?!

I gave JR his bath today -- he looks so much better. I was very careful with his leg, so he'll need a better bath in a month or so, but at least I got the first layer of dirt off! lol

I was also reading in the newspaper today that now is the time to get the "inside the house" projects finished before we actually get some nice weather and want to spend all our time outside. I always have a list of things I want to accomplish in the house, but haven't really done much yet this year. It would be a lot easier if once you've cleaned something out and really shined something up that it would stay that way -- but it never does. Why is that?!

Things I love: 8. Learning -- every day I learn something about something or about myself. I think if you don't learn something new everyday, you haven't been paying attention!

Bill took the dogs for a ride this afternoon -- they love going for a ride in "their" truck! And, it got them all out of the house for awhile so I could sew in peace!
I got all the information I need to finish the newsletter in a timely manner.
My digital camera.


Pam said...

Your block is lovely. I like the folk art design. I am anxious to see the finished top. I love applique. There is such a calming effect when I applique. It is to me like hand quilting, a quiet time, a soothing, healing time, a time to reflect. But of course, there are those projects where you are racing to get them finished!

Screen Door said...

Thanks for the link---I love your Block#5. I got my stuff in the mail today. It is inspiring. Prepped some flower petals for stitching on the week nights. We're not giving up on this project---.Enjoy the rest of the weekend---

Lindah said...

Looking forward to seeing your Primitive Garden quilt. Your black-eyed susans are so pretty and remind me that flowers WILL bloom again! :-)

The Quilter said...

Those "in theory" circular centers look pretty darn circular to me - good job!

Kristie said...

I LOVE this quilt!!! It is beautiful!!!

Thanks for the link! I printed out the pattern for the tablerunner.

Rabbit Stitchings said...

wtg on your PG BOM, your doing so good with it! ahem I am not talking about mine right now sighhh... Oh and thanks for the link to the great free pattern!