Thursday, January 17, 2008

Carolina Crossroads Pt 7

I spent the entire day making the last 25 blocks for Bonnie's mystery quilt, Carolina Crossroads. I have all the blocks finished, now just need to rearrange to my liking and start putting them together. I really like the quilt. Thanks, Bonnie! I need to find a better place for my design wall -- too close to the longarm. vbg

JR is starting to get used to the cone now, but it's really a pain in the butt for all of us. However, it is doing it's job of keeping him from tearing out the stitches -- he's quite frustrated that he can't lick the knee. He also thought he'd like to come down the stairs by himself tonight, but I quickly put a stop to that -- the little daredevil.

Things That I Love:
3. The silence and beauty of snow falling at night.

The George Forman Grill
A phone call from Steph


Kathy Wagner said...

You are fast! You have the 25 blocks done already?!?! I worked at it today but didn't get them finished. It looks gorgeous!

Ila said...

Congratulations! Very very lovely indeed!

atet said...

Oooh -- it looks lovely all together and nope, not at all too Christmasy.

Cherold said...

Love your top!


Screen Door said...

Great blocks-- I love seeing all the cifferent color combinations. JR is lucky to have you. Watching the Pack this weekend? It's 4 degrees here--- Pretty chilly.

Kristie said...

I think your blocks are beautiful! I so wish that I had started this quilt, but maybe I will do the next one. I love the colors that you used.
Glad your little doggie is adjusting a little better. Hope he gets better real soon.

Dawn said...

Oh your mystery quilt is wonderful!

Susie said...

I love your color choices. Yours is my favorite so far (including mine)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Pretty! It is fun to see everyone's photos popping up - so much variety in colors! So many tiny pieces! It really is lovely!



Mary said...

Poor JR, hope he's feeling better today. My design wall is behind the longarm too and the room is too small for me to stand back enough to get a good photo but it's all I have to work with for now so it will have to do.