Friday, January 11, 2008

Carolina Crossroads Pt 5

This is my first finished block -- I have roughly half of the 100 needed finished - the rest are in the pile waiting to be stitched together. Except for this one, the other half are waiting to be pressed! It felt good to be stitching today though.
I did spend some time on the longarm, but didn't like what I started to do in a small inner border, so picked those stitches out and gave up for the day. I need to concentrate on only longarming when I get back to it, so I thought I'd finish up the piecing of Bonnie's mystery quilt first.
I've been watching what Mary has been working on and I'm loving the wonky feathers she's playing with. I have lots and lots of flimsies to quilt, so I'm going to concentrate just on the longarm soon and couldn't help but order the dvd Mary has been learning from! This will be the last thing I buy for awhile though -- I have plenty of books and stencils and pantos and patterns to work with really -- I just need to practice, practice, practice -- and I'm looking forward to it.

Steve called today after he got the "zipper" removed from his head (30 staples). His back is feeling better and right about now he's arriving at UW-Madison for his MRI. Today was a good day.
Next Tuesday I'll be going up with Steve & Kim, but Bill will stay home. I will probably be dropping JR off at the Vet Tuesday morning -- he is scheduled for a anterior cruciate ligament repair that day. If I don't get back early enough, Bill will pick him up after surgery. That is going to be some feat -- trying to keep a Jack Russell Terrier down for a few weeks while his leg heals -- we'll probably all go stark raving mad!
Making time to quilt today.
Friends and neighbors that lend a hand.
Online friends -- thanks. You know who you are, and so do I!


Kristie said...

Your blocks are coming along very nicely. I'm sure right now it is very hard for you to concentrate on much of anything. I'm glad he got his staples out.

Carol said...

Your blocks are looking great. Glad to hear Steve got the staples out and that his back is feeling better. Poor Jr...the good news is the first day they come home they are still very sleepy. Zack slept for hours. He is a wild child but somehow they know what the can't do. Good Luck...sending good thoughts.