Thursday, July 26, 2007

Let's Talk Quilting...

Or more precisely, piecing.
I have finally started Judy's Hour a Day quilt. I cut the fabrics and did Hour 1 yesterday. Today I managed hours 2, 3 and the "extra" hour, so have two sizes of 4-patches to show for it.
I love these black fabrics -- had no use for them when I bought them, and of course don't have enough of one or the other for the whole quilt, but I think using them both and another black on black will work just fine. I do love scrappy!

While doing those an hour at a time, I also worked on binding a quilt an hour at a time in between. I finished the binding and have the label on it and it's in the washer as we speak. And now that it is finished, I'll add the hand quilting back in to the que and maybe the hand applique, except I've been reading a book in the evenings, so maybe I'll finish the book before I go back to the applique.

With the new grandbaby and everything else that goes on in a day/week/month, I've felt a little stressed at not keeping up with things like the house and the gardens and the daily paperwork, menus, etc., etc. I did manage to clean house last Saturday (whew, it was really getting on my nerves), and Bill bought some more mulch in bags, so the past two days I've gone out and spread mulch for about an hour in the morning. It's been hot and humid again, so about an hour is all I can take. I have 5 more bags to spread and I'll probably do them Saturday as it is hopefully going to rain tomorrow. I haven't kept up with the weeding plan, but I discovered today that the flower beds are not in too bad a shape. A few weeds here and there, but they haven't taken over. Most of the flowers are blooming now too, so that's nice. And we finally have a few ripe tomatoes -- oh my, the first fresh tomato from the garden -- the taste is to die for. And, we've been eating fresh green beans too -- love them.

I'm a list maker, so the plan for tomorrow is to catch up on the paperwork (read checkbook), get back to making up the menus (boy this really is a time saver and brain-saver when you have a lot going on), spend an hour or two or three working on the Hour a Day quilt, and an hour on the hand quilting. I want to have everything caught up by this weekend so I can get back to my weekly routine. Plus, we're tentatively planning for Steph and the kids to come down next Wednesday so we can take the kids to the Discovery Center in Rockford. Lots of things for the older two to do and learn, and Grandma can get some holding time in on Will! vbg

Quilting in all it's forms - it's my sanity.


Bren said...

I have everything cut and the 1st hour done. I think I will spend some time on that tomorrow. Love your black fabrics!
I live right here and have not taken my kids to the discovery center. I will need to do that this school year.

Jeanne said...

I really like the fabrics you have chosen for the quilt. All I've done so far is to read the pattern sections.

Susan said...

I am using scrappy squares I already have, and ran out of small white ones, so have to cut some more, but I finally have 6 blocks stitched!

I love your blacks. This will be a great scrappy quilt! I don't feel so bad knowing that you, Jeanne, and Bren aren't very far along, either. =)

It sounds as if you have divided your day in to lots of hours of things! I see there's method in your madness for inviting Steph and the grandchildren down. =)

Tazzie said...

The fabrics you've chosen are just lovely, I especially love the one with the cats.