Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hours 6 thru 10

I have all the blocks finished now, so just need to start assembling the top. I think I prefer this layout -- with the white squares marching diagonally from left to right and the blacks going in the opposite direction. I like the sharp contrasts in the black/white/colors -- really makes the colors pop.

Before I started working on this today, I thought about the fact that I don't particularly like putting backings together and made myself seam one for my double four patch quilt that I made last year. So the backing and the top are laying on the longarm now. And after working on this one today, the other one sure is boring. I need to decide how to quilt it and then I'll probably give it away!

I was going to do some hand quilting today, too -- but Bill came in from playing in the woods, so decided to get on the computer. Probably if I didn't spend so much time on the computer, I could get a lot more done. vbg

$2 a yard backing fabric
Phone conversation with my brother
Talking to Steph and listening to the baby fuss and coo


Bren said...

That is stunning!! I would get alot more done too if I would stay off the computer!

Susan said...

Wow, looks great! I like the way you set it, too. I didn't get any done on that today. I guess I have to break down and cut some more squares, or nothing will happen. =)

Just look at your computer time as time spent developing friendships - also important. =)

Screen Door said...

Beautiful. Everybody loves a good deal ---$2.00 yd backing is great...

Vicki W said...

Your quilt is coming together beautifully! Love the colors and the layout.