Thursday, July 05, 2007

Block #2 is finished

This is my second Primitive Garden block. Can't wait to start on #3 -- crows on a barbed wire fence with morning glories. I haven't started prepping the block, maybe this evening. I finished piecing a quilt today and hope to start pulling fabrics to start on Judy's new Hour a Day quilt for July tomorrow. And I need to get back to my practice quilting too.

Steph called today to say she's been having contractions. Took one pill and they stopped for awhile. I just called her a few minutes ago and they seem to have calmed down now. She's hoping to go into labor on Saturday, but Will might have other plans! She'll be at 35 weeks tomorrow, and I'm sure the baby will weigh enough and be healthy now. When I get the phone call, I have to drop everything and get up there. The plan is that the neighbor will take her to the hospital, and take the kids until I get there. Aaron will just go right to the hospital. That's the plan anyway. Like I said, Will may have other ideas!

She's not allowed to go tomorrow until after my 9 am doctor appointment -- I need refills on all my prescriptions and I'm totally out of my blood pressure meds so I have to go to this appointment. vbg

The guys came this morning to seal our blacktop drive. They'll be back tomorrow for a second coat. Right now the car and truck are parked in the grass on the other side of the house (I'll have to wind my way around trees to get to the tractor entrance for the cornfield next to us in order to get out). Glad we're having it done though -- it would take Bill a whole lot of time, hard work and pain to do it himself. The drive is really long.

Cell Phones.
Sunny days (could do without the heat and humidity though!)
JR napping at my feet.
AJ bugging his mother while she's on the phone -- what is it about being on the phone that makes kids gravitate to you and try to talk to you at the same time? vbg (What goes around comes around in raising kids!)


Pieces From Me said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for 07-07-07!! Your block is beautiful. I really like the blocks I have seen so far on your blog and on screen doors. Can't wait to see number 3...if you hurry you can catch up with her. vbg

Screen Door said...

I love your block!!! The flowers were tough... guess you figured that out... I didn't to discourage you but I was agonizing over the flowers. The next block is easier...promise..

Quilterin said...

Joanne, I love your Primitive Garden block. I`ve seen another one on screen doors blog. I think this will be a wonderful quilt.
Is this a pattern to buy?

Susan said...

Oh, how exciting! A new baby is sure to be terrific.

I love your second block. These are going to go together so nicely!

Norma said...

Your block is gorgeous! What wonderful news that the baby is close!

cher said...

love this block-one of my most favorite scents..that and lavender.
fingers crossed that Will waits until after your appointment and you can drive on your driveway!