Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I try to answer everyone that leaves a comment with a personal reply, but some do not have email addresses and many times I forget to reply here.

Kathy: I used to go to a shop in Oregon owned by Holly, is that your sister? There is currently a shop in Oregon called Stitches in Time owned by Elaine Hanna. Its a lot of hand dyes and leans more toward art quilts and brights, I think. Not the usual dark country stuff I love anyway. She's a nice lady though, and also offers some yarns and some classes on spinning wool in addition to quilty stuff.
There's no quilt shop in Byron, I don't know about Grand Detour. There's one in Pecatonica that I like, a couple in Rockford, and my favorite is in Pearl City. There's one in New Milford -- but only been there once and the owner is quite impressed with herself :-) - have no intention of going back.

Sharon: I think it was the camera angle and he is also holding one foot with his hand! I did notice that Will's feet do look big -- and I don't think the same rule applies to humans that it does in dogs! vbg

To everyone else -- Thanks!

Today saw no quilting either. I ran errands, talked on the phone to my DSIL -- Bill's other sister is in the hospital in Chicago -- very serious problems with arteries in her stomach/legs.
Also talked to DD today -- we'll be seeing her and the kids tomorrow and taking them to the Burpee Museum in Rockford to see our famous "Jane" the teenage T-Rex, and the Discovery Center -- should keep the older two busy for a few hours while Grandma and Grandpa get holding time with Will!

Jean is holding her own and we have a system for passing the word to the rest of the family in place.
Conversation with Steph.
Seeing the grandkids tomorrow.

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Kathy said...

My sister was friends with Holly. My sister's shop was Heart in Hand. She opened the shop in Conover Square but moved to a larger location on 3rd St. across from the courthouse. She converted the 2nd story of the building to an apartment for her and her 2 sons.

I'm sorry I didn't leave you an e-mail address. I assumed that since I logged in with my gmail.com address, you could respond to it. kporter121887 at gmail dot com