Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Quilts are on their way

This was the label I slapped on the kids quilt I sent to Kansas yesterday. I also sent out the QOV quilt yesterday, so that's two finished and out of here.

I'm having problems with both computers (so I don't think it's the computers at all that's causing the problems) -- they keep freezing up on me. It's quite annoying when I have some time to catch up with mail and the bloggers and can't get where I want to go!

Today I had a follow-up mammogram for the ultrasound guided needle biopsy of last fall -- everything's fine. I also stopped at the car dealer and had the oil changed and new wiper blades put on. And I'm going to start quilting the Heartstrings quilt I managed to get loaded yesterday! It'll be nice to get it done and be able to start something else.

Phone call from Steph yesterday.
Finishing quilts and labels and sending them on their way.
Not much of a wait to get the oil changed and new wiper blades and actually taking the time to have it done.
It's Wednesday -- I don't have to cook tonight and I can spend the afternoon quilting!


Mary said...

Kathy and I were just saying how good it feels to send off a box with quilts. Now I just have to make more to replace them so I have some on hand when I need them.

Jeanne said...

Happy for your good medical report! I'm sure the new owners of your quilts will be very appreciative.

Patti said...

So thankful for your clean bill of health. One less thing to worry about. I hope you enjoyed your afternoon sewing!