Friday, April 20, 2007

I have a plan

This is just another shot of my daffodils, because I didn't get the camera out to take a picture of what I've been working on today. vbg

I finally updated my resolutions/goals list on the blog and made some decisions on things. I am going to donate the Quilt of Valor, so now I need to get a label on it and find the information I need to send it on its way.
So the plan is to design a couple of labels after I get done here and print them off (I do like the Printed Treasures fabric/paper for printing labels and I use HP's Quilt Label program and make 2 or 3 at a time to print off on one sheet).

I got my block of the month top pinned to the machine today and started quilting it. Our next class is May 12, so I need to finish it before then. I'm playing with feathers and used a feather stencil in the border, but freehand feathers in the setting triangles so far. I wasn't really liking them too well and quit for the day, deciding to think on it for awhile. Made a decision, then came back down tonight and looked at the parts that are finished and decided they really aren't as bad as I thought -- yes, they look like a beginner's freehand feathers, but, hey -- that's what I am. I do think I will mark the setting squares instead of trying to freehand those, though.

After spending a few hours pinning and quilting, I went up and started back on the heartstrings blocks. Finished 12 more, so this week I've actually finished 20 blocks, added to the previous 8, I think I only need about 14 more -- at least I'll put them up on the wall when I get 14 more made and see how that goes. I want these quilts to be twin-sized and I'd like to get this first one finished so I can take it to guild and talk the other members into making blocks too! The charity they've chosen this year wants/needs only 12 twin sized quilts. Seems daunting to most of the members, I think, but if they just make blocks, I'll offer to put them together and quilt them.

I haven't touched my applique at all this week and really want to get to it. I did finish the journal cover (and it was a blast to make -- I will definitely be picking up more wool to make a few more). I did get the pattern I ordered at Quilt Festival last Saturday. It came today -- a jacket pattern designed by Lisa Bongean at Primitive Gatherings. I'm going to have to put it aside for now until I get a few things further along/finished.

My magazine organizing is moving along -- I have two more magazine holders to go through, a very large stack to trim and put in sleeves and then I'll need to re-organize the books a bit. If I remember correctly, I have two notebooks of patterns from magazines that are not in sleeves too -- so will have to go through those to clean out and refile.

All in all -- having a plan to work from will get all these things done in time without too much stress, I think!

Baby Will weighs 1 lb 12 oz as of today. And, he has a "picture perfect" heart!
I watched a robin scoping out a spot on the porch for her nest this morning -- and she was definitely looking at each available option.
A phone call from Steph.


Mary said...

sounds like a great plan. I agree that twin size may be intimidating to some people but if they just have to make blocks they're much more likely to participate. Good luck - let us know how it turns out!

Patti said...

Sounds like a great plan to me. You will accomplish much this way. When we just keep plugging along little by little it's amazing how it all adds up.