Thursday, March 08, 2007


Sunday and Monday this week I pulled a bunch of tops out and started making backs and bindings and pressing them ready for quilting. I also did laundry and ran errands on Monday, so didn't clean up my mess. Tuesday I had my second longarm quilting class -- all day and came home exhausted and with a migraine beginning. (The class was a blast, but standing all day, driving an hour home and having to stop on the way at the grocery store and stand in line!, did me in). Anyway, so this is my kitchen island -- it's where I have my cutting mat and stuff. And this is what it looked like Wednesday morning!

And Wednesday I had to clean house -- for obvious reasons! Was still fighting the migraine, but sure felt better getting that mess cleaned up! The book on the right is my daily calendar -- has my menus and the rest of my life in it!
The longarm class was so fun -- I learned a ton and it was almost all freehand work. We made the white sampler in the top picture -- lots of different techniques. Stephanie had a blast too. She was pretty proud of her sampler -- and she did a great job -- she's going to be better at this than I am and she doesn't quilt at this time, but I think she's definitely hooked on longarm quilting! She'll be coming home from time to time so she can play on the machine and I can play with AJ! Sounds like a great trade to me!


My headache is gone this morning!

I'll be pinning the hour a day quilt on the machine today and will start quilting it.

Soft water (the water softener man won't be here til Monday -- amazing how much you miss something that you don't even think about when you have it!).

Bill's biopsies all came out negative - thank God.


Screen Door said...

We're all thankful for Bill's news. Sounds like you're having fun. You must really have a good service center for your quilting machine. BTW-- love the springtime table runner.

Conni Lu said...

We have many things in common today: I've been fighting a migraine that keeps returning (Saturday through today); my DH name is Bill; and I also have a longarm. Good things come in three's, since the migraine isn't one of them, we need a third! I know, it's our love of quilts?! YES!

Dona said...

Glad the migraine is gone, they are such a PITA and annoying. Wahoo, Bill's Bx's are negative.

Dawn said...

Oh you are having such fun with your machine! I was happy to hear the news about Bill!

Vicky said...

What a beautiful pile of beautiful quilts! Waytago on getting them finished up!

Good news about Bill. Happy dancing with you!