Thursday, March 01, 2007

Latest Block

This was February's block -- finally got it done today. We have two more blocks for this BOM and then a final showing in May. I'll be glad to get it finished. Not too fond of the blocks or the fabric choices -- we get either a red or blue fabric each month (this month was the light blue). Quilt Buddy and I have decided not to do any BOMs for awhile -- at least the local quilt stores'. If I find one online that I really love, I may be tempted, but probably not.

I had an epiphany yesterday. After spending over 2 hours on the computer yesterday morning dealing with Yahoo Groups, who, in their infinite wisdom, decided to turn on a spam filter for every group, moderated or not, I ended up in a very bad mood. On one of my groups, the filter has decided it doesn't like my email address which starts with Porchrocker -- so all my messages to the group goes to a spam file and is dependent upon a moderator to approve the messages -- even though I've been a member for years. On another group I happen to be a moderator on, some messages have gone to the spam file, but not mine! But, I need to approve the messages for that group. We're trying to get the spam filter turned off, but Yahoo does not make it easy.
Anyway, back to the epiphany. I was eating breakfast at 11:30 am and not in a good mood, after which I needed to clean house. And I decided it was way past time to cut the strings on the computer in the morning - it's no wonder I never get any quilting done! So, starting this morning, I'm limiting myself to 15 minutes online in the morning. I exercised this morning, read the paper and drank coffee, and had my breakfast at 9:30. I showered and started my day before 10 -- pinning a quilt on the machine. It is now off the machine, and in the dryer, having the binding stitched down by hand even. Granted, it's not a big quilt, and definitely not my best effort, but it is finished. Amazing what freeing up the computer time in the morning can do. I pieced the bom block this afternoon, too. And now I'm done sewing for the day, so I can catch up on the computer for a bit before I start dinner. I think I'm going to like getting something accomplished every day!

An hour a day (or more) for quilting.
Finishing an ufo -- from a few years ago.
Leftover chili for dinner -- no brainer!


Morah said...

How funny. Besides myself, you are the 3rd one I've read about that is limiting their computer time. It gets easier and is amazing what can be accomplished.

McIrish Annie said...

GOt to agree with you, blogging does take up some time. But I find everyone's work so inspiring! It's a dilemma!! 15 minutes seems pretty reasonable, just to check in with everyone. I have become very particular about which blogs I visit now. YOURS OF COURSE WILL ALWAYS BE ON THE LIST!! Bloglines makes it easy to catch up with only those who have posted.

BTW, Congrats on your soon to be Grandson!!

Tracey said...

I like that block of the month. I've never seen a churn dash colored that way before! Neat.

I've been thinking that I need to put myself on a computer diet, too. I spend too much time reading blogs and surfing, which leaves little time for sewing.

ForestJane said...

Funny, I've been limiting my computer time and still haven't gotten much done... lol

Congrats on your impending g-baby boy! But it reminds me of a friend of mine, the doc thought she saw a 'dangle' and the new mom-to-be told everyone - her husband went out and bought a big red firetruck toy for his new son... then that last ultrasound and the baby's in a different position and whoops, guess it's a girl instead. :)

Mary said...

Me too! I've decided to cut down on the number of blogs I read and to turn down an invitation to join another blog ring. I also find large chunks of time disappearing while I'm in front of the computer.