Sunday, February 11, 2007

Loops and Swirls

It took me all afternoon, but actual stitching time was only 33 minutes and I've only done about a third of the quilt. vbg
I'm doing just some loops and swirls in the large squares and in the center of the small white squares I'm freehanding some loops, and also practicing re-tracing a line or two to do smaller loops on the sides. That part is not easy --first because these old eyes can't see the line too well with white thread on white fabric and second because it takes more skill than I have acquired yet....but time will improve it I think. I'm having fun doing it, so that's a plus.
I had to take a break in the middle to print off my daughter's taxes for her -- their computer wouldn't allow them to print (I think it may be a popup blocker problem). Anyway -- it gave me a break in the middle and that was good.
When I finished for the day, I oiled the machine and then changed the needle (first time). I was having a problem with the needle not going all the way up and then dragging on the quilt when I moved the machine -- spent a good half hour with the maintenance book and finally decided to just try changing the needle. That seems to have fixed the problem -- and bonus, it still stitches okay and the oil sprayed on my practice piece, not on my quilt! There is just so many things to remember each time you start to quilt...hope it all becomes second nature soon.
1. Talked to Steph today -- she's really crabby this first part of her pregnancy -- we decided she must be carrying a girl -- lots of estrogen! vbg
2. My blood pressure was down this morning to more normal for me levels.
3. It got all the way to +20° today - veritable heat wave.


Sweet P said...

Good job so far on the quilting. Practice will make you better. I hope Steph doesn't stay grumpy too long.

ForestJane said...

Looking good!

Are you trying different patterns of loops in the white squares? Might be fun to try a 5 and 6 pointed star... a cloverleaf, a daisy... etc. :)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Your quilting is looking beautiful! Great job!


Rebecca said...

It looks teriffic! Wish I had a longarm! Lucky you.


Fiona said...

Your quilting looks great, must bt nice to have a longarm, though it sounds like they take a bit of getting used to.

Nancy said...

Looks like you're catching on pretty fast. It looks lovely from what I can see. I hope I can do half as good as you are when I get my mid-arm and start practicing with it.

Vicky said...

It looks great! I'd love a longarm but am petrified at the thought of it! :)

You're doing wonderfully! Keep up the good work!