Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hour A Day

I did hours one and two on the Hour a Day quilt today. The dark fabric is a navy blue with red leaves. I plan on being caught up on this quilt this weekend.
Tomorrow I need to clean the house, but I have nothing planned but sewing and quilting for the rest of the weekend.
I finally went to see my Rheumatologist today. He gave me a cortisone shot in the middle finger joint on my left hand. It hurts like the dickens! So, I'm about to read my emails with ice on my left hand -- not supposed to use the finger much for the next few days -- I'll be real careful sewing and quilting, because I really need to get this finger healed. Doc did say this particular type of osteo-arthritis will probably be re-occuring (oh joy) and eventually the joint will be frozen. I have frozen joints in most of my other fingers, so I can deal with that -- but they don't hurt! He also told me the pain in my left hip is probably bursitis -- if it gets to be too much he can give me a cortisone shot there, too! I think I can live with it for awhile -- sometimes you can work bursitis out and I have full movement in my leg and hip joint. All in all -- old age sure does get in the way of my quilting! vbg
1. Sewing time today with focus. I've been rather aimless the past few days and not concentrating on one thing, so it feels good to actually accomplish something.
2. Invitation from a friend for a quilting day in March in the mail. Definitely will accept!
3. My Rheumatologist -- he's the greatest.


Gail said...

Hope the shot does it for you, it usually helped me.

Hanne said...

What a wonderful Depression block quilt you have made! Speedy pain relief on your finger. I hope it heals well and gives you no more trouble.

Helen said...

I love that navy blue fabric with red leaves. Can you tell me what fabric it is?

paula, the quilter said...

I love the quote from Bette Davis: "Growing old isn't for sissies." Just keep on keeping on.

Shelina said...

So sorry for your aches and pains. And so glad that you keep plugging along making quilts despite the pain. Hope you feel better soon.