Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back to Hour a Day

I finished the last 12 blocks today, sewed the blocks into rows and then sewed the sashing strips together -- discovering in the process that I did not cut enough sashing strips and didn't cut any of the sashing corners at all. Really had to scramble to find enough fabric for the cornerstones and then had to piece 3 of the strips themselves. Don't know where my brain was when I cut out this quilt. Hopefully, the borders are all okay ;-). Tomorrow I'll finish piecing the top and try to get a border or two on. I'm loving how this quilt is coming along. I used 4 different red fabrics for the stars.
Also want to work on my BOM and get it out of the way. And, I have a punch needle project that won't take much to finish, but I need to find the time to do it.
We're getting the snow now to add to the high winds we've had since last night, so tomorrow is definitely going to be a quilty day!


Cozy dinner by the fireplace.
Sewing time all afternoon.
Phone call from a friend.


Dawn said...

Hope the border is cut ok - I love the blocks so far!

Helen said...

Looking good!

Vicki W said...

I love the colors you selected for this quilt - it's going to be really pretty!

Gail said...

Looks good. I also used different reds for the star points, and I also didn't cut enough of some pieces in my first cutting session. But now the top is done, I hope to get a picture later today for posting.

Hanne said...

Your baby quilt is adorable and your hour a day quilt blocks looks very good too !

Shelina said...

Joanne, you are making really great progress on your hour a day quilt. It looks very patriotic. And since you used four different reds - it is scrappy quilt, which means that if you run low on any sashing or border fabric, you can just add another fabric.

Bonnie said...

Your hour-a-day quilt is looking wonderful. Can't wait to see your border choices.

Tazzie said...

Your blocks are looking wonderful, I am looking forward to seeing your progress!

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Love your colors of your Feb HAD quilt! And those were all from your stash??? Wish I had pretty fabrics that worked together so nicely to pick and choose from at home.

I hope when you get to cutting more sashing and cornerstones, that you have enough. Crossing my fingers! ~Bonnie in SE Texas