Saturday, January 27, 2007

Running On Empty...

This has been another busy week and I was totally exhausted by the end of it. Wednesday I needed to be at my daughter's at 8 am, so had to leave the house by 6:30 am. I know it's all in my head, but the night before I go to my daughter's to babysit, I can't sleep a wink -- my brain won't shut off. So, made it up there, and AJ was an angel, thank heavens. But, I was waiting to put him down for his nap and his dad came home, so instead of getting a nap in, I drove back home and crashed in the recliner for two hours. Then, Friday morning, Bill had to be at the hospital at 6:45 am for a carotid ultrasound -- another nap when we got home. I got nothing much accomplished at all this week, although I did play in the sewing room on Thursday. I put the Depression blocks together and decided on borders (playing with EQ6 to get it right). Today I cut the border strips and made some more hst's to add to the borders. I also put my bom block together on Thursday and designed the setting I'm going to use and cut the fabrics -- that's the second picture. I'm not going to put it together until I finish the last 3 blocks. I'm not real happy with this bom -- blocks are kind of boring, so setting mine on point to jazz it up a bit. Maybe I can quilt a feathered wreath or something into the setting blocks.

Today while piecing the hst's for the border on Depression, I pulled out the scraps from one of the plastic drawers and replaced them with a nice stack of 4" squares of darks and a few 4" square lights. I'm intriqued by the Heartstrings project started by some on the Stashbuster group (I don't have the exact address to link to at the moment, but I think just about everyone has heard about it -- if you haven't, email me and I'll send the link). I don't need another project to start right now, but I'm going to anyway! vbg I'm going to cut some muslin foundations and some 2" red strips and start digging into the scrap bins so I can get my scrap bins more organized and use up some of it at the same time. I figure the string quilts that I make will be good practice for the longarm, too -- which I haven't touched this week at all.

1. Spending the day in the sewing room -- I sorely needed the creative time.
2. I am making progress on cleaning up the quilt mags -- I have two full books of pages of patterns and inspiration and have started on the third. I have tossed hundreds of torn up mags and have another very large stack to take to guild next month.
3. Bill has been feeling better this week.


Veronica said...

Boy, sounds like you need some real "me" time! Your quilt tops look great. Looks like you and your DH have things under control. Take care of yourself.

Screen Door said...

Quilting will be the best "recoup" time for you. I'm glad Bill is doing well.