Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cookie Day

My beautiful grandchildren on cookie day -- in their new, monogrammed aprons, courtesy of grandma, of course!
We had a lot of fun, and grandma came home totally worn out! vbg
Grandpa, however, managed to wire two new overhead lights in the suspended ceiling in the basement to give me more light over the area that will be filled with my new longarm soon. He also put a new outlet in another wall so I can actually use the treadmill again (and boy do I need to get back on it soon).

I did manage to get the binding sewn on Gratitude, but not yet stitched down. I only did the ditch quilting so far on it, but decided to bind it and pin the label on so I can wrap it and give it to Bill for Christmas. After I get some practice under my belt on the Gammill, I'll finish the rest of the quilting on it. So, sewing the binding down will be the project this week.
BTW -- girlfriend loved the needlepunch Santa picture!

Bill is feeling better every day.
It was his idea to add more light to the basement area and he didn't waste time getting the job done.
Spending the day with Steph, Aaron and the kids.
The Bears managed to pull one out of their hat today, after almost giving it away!
Light traffic on the drive up and back to WI today.


Pam said...

I just can't look at that little guy and not smile! What a total cutie he is! and his sissy is just as darling. Aren't grandkids the best of the best!!!

Glad Bill continues to heal.

Libby said...

Everyone should have cookie helpers like yours.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

How fun! We just had our cookie day this past week and I will be the first to admit - it is TIRING, but so worth it to see the proud little smiles. And definately - every child needs an apron - yours came out nicely. I meant to comment earlier, but Blogger wasn't playing nicely - I am very excited for you about your long arm purchase and the fact that your DH got good test results on his medical tests. I am very happy for you!



Dawn said...

Oh does cookie day look like fun!!!! :) Look at their smiles!

Carolyn said...

The kids look adorable in their aprons...what fun you must have had! I miss those days when my kids were younger...but hopefully have lots of time before I have grands to do it with! Merry Christmas!

Dona said...

What a fun day you had. AJ sure is mischevious (sp) looking. What a pretty little girl Briana is. Glad you enjoyed your cookie day.

Laura said...

What sweeties! How fun to have a cookie day, I remember cookie day at my Grandmas. Thanks for the lovely memories!

Susan said...

Glad Bill is feeling better. You can never have too much light with these things.

Your grandchildren are beautiful. That little boy looks like a handful. He just has that sparkle about him!

Screen Door said...

Your cooks look like the pros. I bet you're counting down until the new 'toy' comes. Enjoy the holiday.

Finn said...

Hi JoAnn, just popping in to say "hi" and wish you a very Merry Christmas. What great little cookie helpers you've got..*VBS* Adorable!
Glad to hear that Bill is on the mend, and you are going LongArm..waaa hoo! Now you'll rock and roll through those quilts! Hugs, Finn